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Acting Resume


Author/Co-producer: Imagine Dat! the (after) life of Jimmy Durante; solo show  (

Co-Producer: 50 To Death, comedy web series  (


Executive Producer: Alien Adventure The Adventure, full cast audio adventure (

Co-Producer: Showcase Shorts, TIME WARNER, featuring indie short films



Co-Writer/Producer: SAY NOTHINGAn Italian American husband and wife struggle between their love of country and of family when a close friend and their cousin are secretly arrested and imprisoned in an American concentration camp in Maryland during World War Two. In Development, Carey Borth, lead producer; Ludovic Bernard, director.

Co-Writer: WHO WANTS TO MARRY MY HUSBAND, full feature script about a wife looking for a good woman for her husband after 30 years of marriage; film distributed by ECHELON ENT, Anne Martinot, director.

Writer: SPARKS, A sheriff hunts a killer targeting both innocents and other criminals alike, but soon finds himself tangled in a conspiracy tied to the gruesome, deliberately botched execution of a former death row inmate—as well the mysterious, fourlegged witness that seems to connect them all.

Co-Writer: SUNDAY STYLE, A fashion designer is unjustly fired from her job because of a conniving co-worker, but manages to turn her life around by creating an innovative clothing line inspired by her father and his buddies who reside in a facility for the memory-impaired. On Production Slate managed by THE BOHEMIA GROUP.

Writer: HEATSTROKE, an idealistic scientist races against time when she uncovers a conspiracy to sabotage her laser satellite designed to reverse the effects of a global drought. On Production Slate managed by THE BOHEMIA GROUP.


Writer/Performer/Co-Producer: IMAGINE DAT: THE (AFTER) LIFE OF JIMMY DURANTE, solo show about the incredible  Jimmy Durante told through story, characters and song. Performed Off-Broadway at THE TRIAD, NYC.

Writer/Co-Producer.: ALIEN ADVENTURE THE ADVENTURE: THE MUSICAL, a homage to our retro sci-fi favorites of the big and small screen;  come join Captain Duda Duda and her misfit crew in a distant quadrant trying to forge a treaty with the malevolent Zogs who want to have the crew for lunch … literally. Winner of four awards at the Midtown International Theatre Festival, NYC.; also in an original audiobook with a full cast dramatization; distributed by Big Happy Family Inc. through

Writer/Co-Producer: THE FABULOUS ALLEN PARSONS SHOWA comedy whodunit talk show where words can kill you.

Co-Writer: CRACKING THE CODE SHOW, 2-person, 11 character comedy film noir mystery where a  shadowy woman hires a  down-on-his-luck investigator to find the code of ultimate knowledge and power.